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In January 2020, I was invited to be the monologist for The Armando Diaz Experience at iO Theater in Chicago. It was a blast! Here's a clip from that show, in which I tell a story about my dad.

Here's another clip from that show. It's me, telling a story about a time I made a grave miscalculation. 

This is a delightful short called PUMPKINS, written and directed by Jon Plester with photography by Ryan Bender. I'm the one in the black turtleneck. We shot this in 2021. Enjoy! 

This is a short called DO YOU WATCH TV? that I co-wrote alongside Jordan Lee Cohen, Michelle Spies and Rachel Paige in late 2019. Harrison Lott directed and edited. (If you must know, I'm the one in the burgundy sweater.)

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